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3rd Annual Water ForumThe November Forum is a chance to find out more about why forest health matters to the Cobre Valley watershed. Engage with local experts and regional stakeholders and add your voice to help identify the threats and benefits of the forest-to-watershed relationship and develop local strategies to address watershed health.

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9am-12pmVirtual Event

Partners for water

Neighbors for life

Who We Are

A self-sustaining, grassroots, and cooperative watershed-wide group.

We include representatives from a diverse group of affected stakeholders.

We will promote the sustainable use of the water resources by encouraging:

  • Consensus-based decision-making
  • Conservation
  • Ecological resilience
  • Improved water quality
  • Reductions of water conflicts

What We Do

  • Public outreach and and education
  • Bridging interests and stakeholders
  • Information gathering
  • Projects development
  • Priority setting

We need your support to do our work; contact us to learn how you can be involved!

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