It is estimated that over 300,00 Arizona residents receive their drinking water from private wells. These wells do not have any regulatory sampling requirements. There are a few State programs designed to help well owners. While these programs are a great resource, they are limited by funding, staffing, large areas to cover and in some instances a mistrust of the government.

In many cases what prompts a sampling event is a real estate transaction, a noticeable change in water quality or someone consuming the water becomes sick. Water testing companies can report what is in their water and provide guidance in obtaining treatment. One of the greatest challenges is how to make private well owners aware of the importance to sample their wells and why working with an expert is beneficial, leading to long term, safe drinking water.

Don Ascoli formed Rim Country Water Testing (RCWT) in 2007 and became the Public Water System water operator for his small community of Verde Glen, 15 miles North of Payson. The responsibility of being the Certified Water Operator for one PWS system has grown to now being the Water Operator for 15 small water systems. Over the years he saw a need to look at and test private wells in the area. Since forming RCWT, the company has tested over 200 private wells and has collected a database full of private well water quality data.

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Cobre Talks: The Role of the Private Sector in Protecting and Helping Well Owners
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