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Guiding Statements

These are the guiding statements of the Cobre Valley Watershed Partnership


Create and maintain vibrant and healthy communities, environment, and economy in the Cobre Valley by fostering collaboration, transparent decision-making, environmental stewardship, and cooperative projects that will benefit the watershed for generations to come.


The Cobre Valley Watershed Partnership strives to facilitate stakeholder driven watershed planning that promotes environmental stewardship and sustainable economic development through community action and educational outreach.


System Efficiency and Wise Utilization of Resources

  1. Revise existing water budget with updated data and information
  2. Expand management practices of land to better utilize storm water flows and quality

Economy and Development

  1. Set framework for private-public partnerships for long-term water supply resilience
  2. Explore feasibility of matching water quality to use

Recreation and Environment

  1. Foster ecological stewardship to preserve, enhance, and manage natural resources for resilience, adaptation, and restoration
  2. Combine and share both knowledge and resources under guiding philosophies for collective impact

Water Awareness

  1. Education of the public and decision-makers to increase awareness and motivate action
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